Aug 28, 2010

you know what, I think I need a break from C. indefinite. for now I'll be here -)

Aug 19, 2010

feeling out of sorts.

snack. milky earl grey. sewed buttons on a bag. not sure why.

Aug 15, 2010

(a few old photos)

busy weekend! good food/ film/ art.
maybe I should start carrying my camera around with me?

Aug 10, 2010

rain. earl grey tea. a new book.

Aug 6, 2010

r s. also the person behind this great blog. ah the web is a great place...
the weekend is also -)

Aug 3, 2010

lazy morning at home. well it's the afternoon now...

juice. orange & pink grapefruit.

+ looking forward to seeing this.

Jul 31, 2010

ah july's over!

drinking some camomile tea with honey to help this flu I seem to have...

off to see this later.